News Archive 2016

Umeed-e- Noor, skills training for handicapped people

This project was started in June 2009 and successfully ended in May 2011. The main aim of the project was to increase the educational and economic opportunities for people who have physical and mental disabilities. This skills training centre for handicapped people improved the chances for employment and income generation opportunities for youth with special needs. The project trained 169 men/women with various disabilities.

Humanitarian Aid: distribution of blankets to cold wave affected people

Generally, in Bangladesh during the winter season the temperature remains between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. In the year 2010, the temperature came down to 4 degrees Celsius and placed the survival of the homeless and the poor in a precarious state, resulting in the deaths of several individuals. In response to this situation HOPE’87 distributed 500 blankets to the most affected people in four districts.

Capacity building for youth organization representatives

With a goal to strengthen the capacity of youth and youth organizations, the following workshops were organized by HOPE’87-Bangladesh:

“Divisional Workshop on Review of the National Youth Policy”: held in the Barisal Division in cooperation with the Department of Youth Development: this workshop gave special attention to the review of the National Youth Policy of Bangladesh which was endorsed in 2003. 45 representatives from different youth organisations attended the event.

Support for technical skills training at a district level

In accordance with its principle mandate to create employment opportunities both in urban and rural areas, HOPE’87 provides technical and financial support to the local community based organisations to conduct skills training and literacy programmes. Training programmes for local youths and children were organised and successful trainees were awarded with attendance certificates.

Technical / vocational training for employment of disadvantaged urban youth

The project provided practical training in welding, electrical house wiring, car driving, tailoring and computer skills to 482 unemployed youth and students. The project funds covered the running costs and trainers’ salary of the Training Centre, which was set up with the financial support of the European Commission and the Austrian Government in the year 2001. Necessary training equipment, machinery and furniture were provided by HOPE’87 from its project “Hope Technical Training Centre in Old Dhaka”. This project aimed at creating employment opportunities for unemployed youth.

Children's drawing competition

The pupils of the “Ralf Zacherl” school of Taonsgho and the Kandara school of Ouagadougou in the central region of Burkina Faso participated in the «Arts Party 2010» organised by Ms Tomoko Watanabe from ANT-Hiroshima. The events aim was to develop the creativity of children from 4 to 12 years. Their artwork was on exhibition in Hiroshima and any profits from sales were sent to both schools, where the funds would be allocated to the purchase of school equipment (notebooks, pens, pencils and books) and canteen equipment (pots and cooking utensils).

Humanitarian Aid: Muzffargarh Saaf Pani, WASH II

In coordination with ADRA Pakistan, HOPE’87 successfully implemented a WASH project so that the vulnerable population affected by the flood could overcome the situation and improve hygiene practices. The key results of this project included the availability of safe drinking water, the improvement of hygiene practices and the rehabilitation of sanitation facilities. Under the project, 450 water sources and 750 household and school latrines were rehabilitated and 750 vulnerable families were given a health kit and hygiene kits for 8 months to encourage hygienic practices.

Humanitarian Aid: WASH Assistance for floods and conflict victims in Pakistan

The project started in October 2010 and was successfully completed in June 2011. Initially, the project was only approved for the province of KPK, but responding to the needs of Sindh floods of 2011, HOPE’87 requested a contract renewal from the donor ECHO. Fortunately, an additional 325,000 EUR of funds were allocated for the victims of Sindh floods. The part of the project in Sindh was completed on 30th June - the result included the completion of 100 hand pumps, 200 latrines and the distribution of 2,000 water storage and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable families.

International youth exchange programme

Ms Tan Yen Lin from Dunman High School, Singapore, expressed her experience in this programme with the following words: “It was definitely an eye-opening, life changing trip. I see things differently now. The trip beyond the objectives of assisting the locals in the communities of Bangladesh was a journey of self-discovery”.

Arts Party 2011

ANT-Hiroshima, a long-term partner of HOPE’87, annually organises the Arts Party which aims at developing and empowering children in being creative through art. The programme, called “Arts Party 2011- 9th Annual exhibition of children’s art from around the World”, was held from December 14th to 19th 2011 in Hiroshima. Children from 13 countries participated in this exhibition. HOPE’87-Bangladesh sent 20 paintings of children to the exhibition programme and all little masterpieces were highly appreciated by the Japanese audience.