News Archive 2014

A view from within: Nathalie’s visit to the project in Komki-Ipala, Burkina Faso

My name is Nathalie and since October 2013 I am working as an intern at the HOPE’87 General Secretariat in Vienna. In December 2013, I was lucky to visit one of HOPE’87’s development projects in Burkina Faso while I was in the country for a private trip. Let me take this opportunity to share some of my impressions and things I learned about this project.

The danger of being forgotten: Critical Situation for hundreds of thousands of Malian refugees in West Africa

There are still about  170 000 Malian refugees in Mali’s bordering states Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger. Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the refugee camps, the support for the inhabitants of the camps cannot be guaranteed. There is a great risk that the humanitarian crisis, triggered by the flows of refugees coming from Mali in the last year, is being forgotten. The refugees in the camps can neither move forward nor backward. Due to the ongoing conflict and uncertainties in their homeland, they cannot return, in the camps they are completely dependent on the fast decreasing help of international organisations.

Burkina Faso: Food security and income generation in semi-urban areas

This project focuses on the reinforcement of food security and the fight against poverty. The project area includes 34 villages of the rural community Komsilga in Burkina Faso.