News Archive 2014

Buidling capacities of the community-based rehabilitation centres and the Community Mental Health Centres in BiH

This project, which was co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, was part of the programme “Rehabilitation and Social Integration for the Youth in BiH”. The project aim was to enhance capacities of the medical personnel of both the Community Based Rehabilitation Centres and the Community Mental Health Centres through an inclusive process of assessing needs for education, developing trainings, experts delivering the trainings, monitoring and evaluation.

Thiéllal Réwbé - Increasing the sexual and reproductive health of women in Senegal

According to the “Demographic and Health Survey IV of 2005” in the Casamance, South Senegal, the HIV-rate of 2% is above national average. Especially the rural community of Médina Chérif is confronted with a continuous deterioration of the sexual and reproductive health of the local population and a constant increase of HIV-infections. This is due to a lack of knowledge and awareness of the disease, its ways of transmission and prevention.

HOPE’87 – Praktikum/Volontariat

The HOPE'87 General Secreteriat in Vienna is offering a six-months internship position from mid-March 2014. We are looking forward to receiving interesting applications.

Community Empowerment trough Livelihood Deveopment (CELD)

 The objective of this project is to contribute to the promotion of community driven livelihood initiatives for poverty reduction, especially focusing on women’s socio- economic empowerment and rights. The specific aim in this region is to ensure equal access to and control over the economic resources of the dairy-sector, in the district Layyah in southern Punjab, which was strongly affected by the flooding in 2010.

Thiellal Bandu - No chance for AIDS!

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and its ways of transmission among the 10.300 inhabitants of the rural community of Medina Cherif, region Kolda in southern Senegal, thus improving the sexual and productive health of the target population significantly. Awareness campaigns, the promotion of voluntary HIV-tests, social mobilisation, capacity building of the staff of the municipal health care and the financial support of HIV/AIDS patients will drastically decrease the prevalence rate.

Revitalizing of village development councils of the province of Kadiogo

Implemented during 18 months and completed on the 30th of June 2011, the project supported 52 Village Development Councils in the Central Region of Burkina Faso, with the aim to promote local development and reduce poverty in the region. After the termination of the project, the Village Development Councils were well known in all the villages, identified problems, offered ideas for solutions and developped project ideas. The Village Development Councils also learned how to plan, implement, monitor and control these projects independently.

Renovation of village primary school

At the moment, the primary school of Durgapur subdivision of Netrokona, a neglected area near to the boarder of India, comprises only 45 students and one teacher. However, the number of students is increasing and the quality of education is improving. One of the main problems was the condition of the school building, which was in need of substantial repairs due to heavy rainfalls and floods. Therefore, the school programme was interrupted and the school building was reconstructed. The newly built school building thus ensures the provision of primary education in the area.

Health care for children & women - HCW

A free of charge health camp was held every Monday, giving medical check-ups to various patients, mostly to women, children, physically challenged and aged people in Dhaka City. After the check-up, the patients got free treatments, free medicine and a prescription from the doctor, if needed. Occasionally, specialist doctors, such as gynecologists, orthopedics, eye specialists and dermatologists visited the camp. The camp started in 1998 and since then was 677 weeks in service, providing free health care to 31,980 patients.

“Mir wurscht” campaign: Statements of solidarity by HOPE’87 Country Representative of Burkina Faso, Abdarhamane Traoret and Director Operations Pakistan Ahmed Abbas

The campaign “Mir wurscht” was launched by the Austrian NGO Umbrella Organisation "AG Globale Verantwortung" ("Working Group for Global Responsibility) together with several other organisations and NGOs in the election year 2013. Its aim is to raise awareness to the fact that Austria, as the third richest country in the EU, is cutting its budget on development and humanitarian aid year by year, instead of trying to reach the “0,7% of the BNE”-benchmark as agreed on with signing the MDGs 2015 by the UN. Country Representative of Burkina Faso, Abdarhamane Traoret and Ahmed Abbas, Director Operations in Pakistan, both recorded a solidarity statement with the campaign in order to point out the importance and necessity of development aid and humanitarian aid for their countries of origin.