News Archive 2014

Pakistan: Severe drought in Tharparkar takes its toll on malnutrition and child mortality

Tharparkar, a Pakistani district situated in the province of Sindh in the south east of the country is suffering the worst drought since 1998. The livestock is dying and malnutrition rates soar in the whole area. However, the hottest and driest period of the year is yet to come. The question is not if but how much and how fast the conditions in Tharparkar are going to deteriorate.

25 years Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Development Cooperation

The Interdisciplonary Research Institute for Development Cooperation (IEZ) has been carrying out applied research in Development Cooperation (Feasibility Studies, Monitoring, Evaluation) since 1989. Furthermore it has successfully been operating in Humanitairian Aid and the implementation of appropriate technologies.

Ghana: Soccer & Education = a Winning Team!

On 17th of March the project "Football and Education for Marginalised Children in Ashaiman/Ghana" was officially inaugurated in presence of the donor, Mr Sergei Egorov, the UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute Ohoven and the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ghana.

Base Brazil - Living a Dream

The situation for children in Brazil is far from being easy. Children struggle to survive in everyday life due to an inaccessible education system and high unemployment rates. About 60% of all youth is unemployed and has only low-level education.

Paintherapy for children with disabilities

The objective of this project was to establish a Pain Management Unit for children in Sarajevo and to provide professional training for medical personnel as well as supporting scientific research to improve the medical care for children, who suffered from chronic and/or acute pain and to reintegrate into society.

Pain management network for persons with disabilities

The overall aim of this project was to support the efforts of BiH to establish a countrywide, comprehensive health and pain management network for pain patients and especially for conflict and mine victims. To achieve this aim, the implementation of a standardised procedure for pain management correspondent to international knowledge both at clinical and community level (Community Rehabilitation Centres) was aspired. Pain Management, as understood in this holistic approach, comprises pain detection, pain recognition, pain therapy and pain prophylaxis.

Emergency Aid Haiyan - Philippines

In response to the disastrous situation after typhoon Haiyan struck the central parts of the Philippines in early November 2013, emergency assistance activities were implemented over a period of three months, targeting families severely hit by the typhoon.