News Archive 2013

The platform "Global Responsibility" elects new Board

For a second legislative period, Secretary General, Robert Ottitsch has been re-elected as member of the board of the Austrian NGO's platform "Global Responsibility".

Skills training for handicapped people in Pakistan, Umeed-e-Noor

The project, co-financed by ADC, was initiated in June 2009 with the objective to contribute to increase economic and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, specifically to support people with down’s syndrome or hearing impairments, as well as slow learners. The main goals were to improve the equipment of a skills training centre of the local partner “Hashoo Foundation”, the development of demand-driven training courses and medical as well as psycho-social care for the trainees.

Basic Health Unit

Thanks to ANT-Hiroshima a Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Shamshatoo, Peshawar, could be established. After the architectural planning had been completed, construction started in September 2007. However, the construction was stopped due to insurgency and army operations going on in the area. Once the situation was back to normal, the remaining part of the construction could be completed.

The new HOPE'87 Activity Report

Our annual Activity Report, that gives an overview over all projects of HOPE'87 that started or were implemented during the reporting period, was published recently. Have a look inside to learn more about our work worldwide!

'Ralf Zacherl' School - Equipping a school for underprivileged children

Until 2007, there was no primary school in the village of Taonsgho. About 850 children (between 5 and 15 years of age) lived in Taonsgho, but only about 200 were attending school. These children had to walk many kilometres to reach the overcrowded school in one of the neighbouring villages. Now it is possible for the children of Taonsgho to go to their own school in their own village.

Tagung: Zukunftsort Megacities: Herausforderungen für die EZA

Die von der Stadt Wien und Südwind veranstaltete Tagung Zukunftsort Megacities: Neue Herausforderungen für die Entwicklungs-zusammenarbeit fand am 25. November 2013, 16-19:30  im Wiener -Rathaus, Wappensaal statt.

Robert Ottitsch, Generalsekretär von HOPE'87, hielt eine Präsentation zum Thema "Megacity Dhaka - Jugend im Schatten der Globalisierung". Hier finden Sie den Audiomitschnitt der Präsentation.

General Assembly - 25 Years of HOPE'87

On 13th of November the annual General Assembly of HOPE'87 took place in the beautiful settings of the Royal Archives ("Haus-,Hof- und Staatsarchiv"). 

Typhoon Haiyan devastates the Philippines - HOPE'87 helps!

With unimaginable force the typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines. Every hour we hear more about the devastating consequences of this disaster. 10,000 people are feared to have been killed. Millions of surivors are anxiously waiting for help. HOPE'87 is in close contact with its partners to bring quickly relief to the victims of the disaster.