News Archive 2009

2.500.000 Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan- HOPE’87 Helps!

The ongoing unrest in Swat and the operation against the militants in the area has resulted in insurmountable hardships for the whole population.

Ralf Zacherl School – Burkina Faso

With the support of Ralf Zacherl through the UNESCO Foundation – Education for Children in Need, HOPE’87 and the local population of Taonsgho, a village in the rural district of Tanghin-Dassouri, joined hands and built a school with three classrooms, equipped with a canteen in order to secure basic education as well as school feeding for the youngest.

The school is named after it’s sponsor « E

Diarrhoea epidemic hits Chittagong Hills Tract- HOPE deploys emergency aid

Diarrhoea is spreading at the moment in Chittagong Hills Tract in the mountainous  far East of the country, especially in Ruma, Roanchori and Thanchi areas due to unsafe drinking water. The death toll related to diarrhoea and subsequent dehydration especially among small children, the elderly and weak has risen dramatically.